Help! My windows are ugly!

Help! My windows are ugly!

Fortunately, curtains can help hide those ugly windows!

Window too short?
Attaching rods just below the ceiling molding and hanging long, to-the-floor curtains make the window look longer and more elegant.

Window awkwardly long?
Add a deep cornice or valance above draperies with a bold horizontal pattern.

Window too narrow?
Extend curtain rods beyond the window and hang draperies so that they barely cover the frame, leaving as much glass exposed as possible, all of which makes a narrow window seem wider.

Window too wide?
A huge window wall can overpower a room. Break up the space by hanging several panels across the window. They can hang straight, or be tied back in pairs. If draperies must be drawn for privacy, let the panels hang straight and rig drawstrings so that the panels close as though they are separate pairs of draperies.

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